California Scrapyard Pictures On RSM Flickr

by rmad 27. September 2009 02:18

Some of you may remember the early days of RSM when we used to construct arty 'pages' as features, a practice now superceded by the combination of an entry here on RSM with a link to our Flickr account. The picture above is the front page of a feature on a California scrapyard shot back in 2007 when I spent four weeks out there. Whilst long-term RSM devotees have seen a few of the shots in the feature the rest of the set has lived on my hard drive - until now. 

This week should see the Flickr account endowed with two more sets from the same holiday - Bonneville Speed Week and Wendover by Night. In the meantime, get yoursellf over to Flickr and check out the first lot.



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