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by HoTWire 5. November 2008 04:22

We didn't intend for this week to be so dominated by Japanese cars, but when something demands your attention, sometimes you just have to share it.

We have long been a fan of the crazy world of bosozoku, as well as being intrigued by the lengths people go to one-up each other on more 'normal' rides, so imagine our delight when we find a bosozoku who is going directly for the craziest exhausts ever.  This picture literally made our eyes pop out :

The driver is dressed as a panda.
Just for clarification, the driver is dressed as a panda.
It was posted by uselessbug on the Retro Rides forum along with a number of other cars from the same meet, so credit where credit is due for that.

However we can't just leave you with a dozen or so pictures to look at and a handful of videos.  Oh no, we've unearthed what has to be our favourite Bosozoku video we've ever seen :

The most brilliant thing about this is you can see them out, on the open road, for us they suddenly make more sense, particularly travelling in the large group that they are in.  Whilst for a lot of people this may not be an easy thing to understand or appreciate, you have to at least respect the all or nothing nature of this type of modification.

Unless something else earth shattering occurs we'll be bringing you some non-Japanese cars tomorrow!

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05/11/2008 08:23:29 #


That video is insane! I feel like such a wimp with my removable exhaust! Could you imagine that sort of display on the M1?

rmad United Kingdom

05/11/2008 09:09:05 #


Amazing video. Similar to when I used to go to chav cruises and we'd end up in a 50+ car convoy down the motorway, but without the daft costumes and hanging out of windows.


stealthstylz United Kingdom

05/11/2008 23:22:18 #


Neat little video, it put a smile on my face.
The appearance of the tiger made me laugh.

salvation United Kingdom

06/11/2008 03:21:24 #


If I was a boso ride ridin' tiger i'd be a little more careful where my tail was danglin'.

markbognor United Kingdom

06/11/2008 04:01:31 #


^^ that is an awesome sentance Mark Smile

HoTWire United Kingdom

07/11/2008 20:41:51 #


That is possibly the best thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Rob United Kingdom

11/11/2008 01:23:54 #



First the Panda-costumed exhaust-fiend comedy pic, and now 4 and a bit minutes of total on the road awesomeness.
They must have such a laugh, what!?

Oh and what is going on with the sound-track? The lion sleeps tonight J-tin remix (not tight fit) FTW.

pog United Kingdom

28/01/2009 00:35:59 #


Great picture of the exhausts! Smile
I've started a website about the Bosozoku Styling and used this picture: http://www.bosozokustyle.com
I hope you don't mind us using that picture...

Bosozoku Netherlands

13/06/2010 10:36:38 #


The Cup would be really close!  It comes down to coin toss in my opinion but best of luck to both teams! I'll be watching for sure!

Maria United States

15/06/2010 18:29:15 #

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