Wendover by Night

by rmad 1. October 2009 00:07

Following on from our California Scrapyard feature is the second of those USA photosets taken in 2007 now uploaded to the RSM Flickr account. Wendover is the town on the border (literally) of Utah and Nevada which just so happens to be closest to Bonneville Salt Flats. It's proximity to Bonneville means that it's where the majority of Speed Week fans and racers eat, drink and sleep. It means that hotel, motel and casino car parks are full of hot rods, push trucks, trailers and salt and everywhere you go there's gearheads; the supermarkets and restaurants inevitably contain groups of guys wearing colourful team shirts and discussing their day out on the flats.

The photoset on Flickr is the result of a midnight prowl around the town on the night I arrived.

Find the pics here.

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